Transport Driver



Skilled driving of heavy trucks with capacity of more than three tons, to transport materials to and from specified destinations. Performs driving tasks independently; handles administrative documentation and procedures. Work is performed according to regular procedures, standards and timetables, and is reviewed upon completion. Driver is responsible for the safe loading, transportation and unloading of petroleum products to customers.

• Drives assigned truck to its destination, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations and area roads.
• Prepares receipts for the load picked up. Collects payment for the goods delivered and for delivery charges.
• Maintains a truck log (freight bills and cargo statements), in accordance with state, federal and local regulations and company policies and procedures.
• Maintains telephone or radio contact with his or her supervisor to receive delivery instructions and report status.
• May load and unload the truck to meet schedules.
• Inspects truck equipment and supplies, such as tires, lights, brakes, gas, oil, and water, to ensure that safety requirements are met.
• Performs pre-trip and post-trip inspections, ensuring that vehicle is fully fueled at the end of each shift.
• May perform emergency roadside repairs, such as changing tires, installing light bulbs, tire chains and spark plugs. Properly and timely places traffic cones, flares or other traffic control and safety devices when stopped on a shoulder or elsewhere near or in roadways.
• Positions blocks and secures cargo by appropriate means during transit.
• Follows company policies and procedures including; M. Raess & Son Trucking, LLC. individual loading facilities procedures, customer/client facilities procedures, federal motor safety rules, regulations and procedures.
• Informs supervisor of any problems at the earliest time possible.
• Must work the hours and/or shift assigned, and begin and end work on time.
• Must meet attendance requirements.
• Must be punctual and timely in meeting all requirements of performance, including, but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines; beginning and ending assignments on time; and scheduled work breaks, where applicable.
• Must maintain courteous, professional and effective working relationships with employees at all levels of the organization.
• Must develop and maintain courteous and effective working relationships with clients, vendors and/or any other representatives of external organizations.
• Must assume responsibility for providing timely, appropriate responses to requests/suggestions/complaints or refer such comments to the appropriate person. When referring requests/suggestions/complaints to another individual, the employee must follow-up in writing to that individual and maintain an accessible copy of that individual and maintain an accessible copy of that referral or follow company guidelines.
• Must communicate information and state problems or challenges to be resolved in a clear, concise, courteous, nondiscriminatory and professional manner, and be able to provide clarification, as necessary.
• Must show respect for the opinions of others and behave in such a way as to ensure an atmosphere free of needless interruptions, difficulty and/or discrimination.
• Must receive and provide clear, constructive feedback regarding work performance (to/from individuals or groups) and be able to provide clarification, as necessary.
• Must handle in a constructive, non-disruptive manner the multiple business, organizational and interpersonal changes or stresses that may exist in the employee’s work, work processes, dealings with other personnel, and supervision (provided or received). (“Work processes” include, but are not limited to, how work is performed, supervised or distributed; how problems are solved; and how decisions are made.)
• Must be sufficiently adaptable to accept and perform in a timely and effective manner work assignments that are outside the normal (day-to-day) routine.
• Must adapt, with minimal or no advance notice, to changes in how business is conducted, and work is accomplished.
• Performs related duties as required. (Related duties as required are duties that may not be specifically listed in the class specification or position description but are within the general occupational series and responsibility level typically associated with the employee’s class of work.)
• Must properly handle and maintain customer checks for payment on shipments.

High school diploma or equivalent education and experience.

Must possess a valid in-state commercial driver’s license.

One to two years of commercial truck driving experience, with at least six months training or experience driving heavy trucks.

• Knowledge of and ability to apply relevant occupational safety rules and practices.
• Knowledge of the proper operation and routine maintenance and repair of heavy trucks. Ability to apply this knowledge appropriately to the operation and maintenance of heavy trucks.
• Ability to properly and safely drive heavy trucks.
• Ability to understand and follow simple oral and written instructions, including roadmaps and road signs.
• Ability to perform strenuous work in all weather conditions.
• Ability to meet attendance standards.
• Must be able to lift 75lbs.

Work is mainly performed in the cabs of heavy trucks; frequent stops require the employee to be outside in all weather conditions and possibly on uneven terrain. Truck cab temperature usually is capable of regulation but occasionally may be cooler or hotter than normal if the heating or air conditioning units malfunction. The noise level is often loud.

Medium exposure to possible accident and injury; medium to high exposure to fumes, vapors, grease, oil, dust, etc. Must follow all safety requirements carefully.

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